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“I have employed the services of CliffordRobbins since 2003. At all times I have found them to have an extensive knowledge of Human Resources and they been of enormous benefit to us in this area. Read full testimonial…


Brian Hayes


“CliffordRobbins are undoubtedly seasoned professionals possessing both the intellect and charisma to engage and build great relationships with everyone they encounter. Their approach is pragmatic, logical, inclusive and results driven. Read full testimonial…

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Joanne Geary

Senior Manager , - UCD

“I have worked with CliffordRobbins on many projects over the last couple of years. These include the development of Customer service training modules, Development programmes, Team building exercises, Personal Development. Read full testimonial…

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Declan McCarthy

Director, - Dublin Airport Authority


Merry Christmas

Where has this past year gone I hear you ask.  Like all the other years, it is in the past.  The CliffordRobbins Team is always looking forward to continuing to do business with you all. We would like to wish you and your family a very peaceful and Merry Christmas….

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What does your Human Resources(HR) Department mean to you?

Relationship is the way which two or more concepts, objects, people or organizations behave towards each other. This to me means that the role of the Human Resources is to find a connection between the people of the organizations objectives and goals.

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There is an ‘I’ in Team

I am reminded of this post so many times when I am working on a business project with a team. One letter that is important in our lives is the letter ‘I’. It allows you to describe how you feel in your world. When you use the letter ‘I’ you are communicating only…

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